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Shoulder-to-shoulder against cybercrime

These are turbulent times: Cyber attacks on vital websites, government devices and other institutions are causing chaos around the world. The frequency of cyber attacks around the world has increased dramatically since 2015.

Avoid image damage or financial hit

Today, cybercrime is a weapon that affects not only large companies. Anyone who ventures onto the Internet may have something valuable they don’t want to lose, from photos to critical systems for a manufacturing unit. And that’s what cybercriminals do: sow chaos, and reap ransom.

Shoulder-to-shoulder, Netcure takes on cybercriminals who are targeting your pennies or carefully constructed image.
Who you are doesn’t matter to them. Big or small, known or not, every hole in the thread of your security is an opportunity for profit for them. Cybercriminals don’t knock on your door, they just come in without an appointment and try to make loot as quickly as possible.

Risk analysis and backup plan

Netcure wants to work with you to reinforce the barbed wire, keep the gates closed and empower your employees in what’s allowed and what’s not. We’ll map your risks, lay out your backup plan. Keep them coming. Together with Netcure, your organization is prepared.

Independent cyber security specialist

Netcure is an independent cybersecurity specialist, to whom organizations and enterprises entrust their complete ICT and cyber security. With great passion, our experts follow trends day in and day out, anticipating the latest tricks from the cybercrime scene.