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Is Zero Trust based micro-segmentation part of your cybersecurity?

Make it difficult for attackers with a network of small, secure zones

Use a firewall to control access to your network. However, did you know that micro-segmentation will make it even easier? If you divide your network into small segments and secure each zone individually, attackers will have fewer opportunities to access and intervene within it.

Why you should opt for a Zero Trust strategy with micro-segmentation

Does your network include sensitive information? If so, micro-segmentation will offer better security than a traditional firewall. The following list explains the main benefits:
  • more detailed access control;
  • protection against both external and internal threats;
  • making lateral movement within your network impossible.

5 principles for optimal cybersecurity

Most Belgian companies do not make optimum use of basic preventive cybersecurity technology. The following 5 principles will enable you to do better:

  • train your workforce;
  • manage access to your network with multifactor authentication;
  • use security software;
  • make sure your systems are up to date;
  • implement a Zero Trust strategy with micro-segmentation.
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