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To effectively protect your business

Today, only up-to-date tailormade solutions by independent specialists will provide complete security for your digital world.

Netcure uses the expertise of the most knowledgeable security specialists to take full responsibility over your needs. So you can sleep soundly.



Always Personal

Perfectly fitting tailor-made solutions for optimal security


Independent Specialist

Experts independently choose the best protection for you


24/7 protection

Fully in charge of your ICT security, always.

In a world where everything is connected and people are online all the time, data and resources are distributed and mobile.

And therefore
vulnerable for cyberattacks

95% of cyberattacks start with email

Also small and midsize companies are interesting targets for ransomware or unnoticed (mis)use of pcs and networks.

Attacks have become more aggressive and complex over time. Therefore adequate protection is not an option anymore

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Netcure is dedicated to securing your digital world.

We take on even the most complex cases to provide them with the most complete security solutions.

Always personal

Only a tailored approach will get your digital world the protection it needs. The better we know your company, the more personal we get and the stronger your protection becomes.

For your sake, we take things personal: we indulge in fora, conferences and trainings to stay on top of our game. And to be able to immediately translate the latest developments to your situation.


We rely on specialists who are the best in their field of expertise to translate their findings to your company.

Also our independency is crucial for your protection. It allows us to freely choose the most complete security for your specific situation.


As our cybersecurity specialists are as passionate about their subject as you are about your company, they react instantly and will do everything necessary to protect you. Day and night.

Crazy about cybersecurity therefore also means feeling responsible for the ICT part of your business.

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