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Crazy about cybersecurity

Really crazy about cybersecurity. The Netcure team definitely is.

You would have to be crazy to send your company out onto the internet without security. Fortunately, many business owners or IT managers are already aware. The cybercrime scene is changing so fast however, that yesterday’s good practices no longer suffice today.

Independent specialists in

That’s why you have Netcure, with a team of independent specialists with a passion for cyber security. Together, we devise security solutions tailored to your needs, and keep cybercriminals out.

Security tailored to your needs

Shoulder to shoulder

Independent experts

In the spotlight

Two guardian angels for your domain name

Your own domain name is the basis of your online corporate identity: you can easily link your website and email addresses to it, as well as other online services. But the words ‘online,’ ‘identity’ and ‘easy’ in one sentence also attract the interest of cybercriminals.

Customer case:
Horeca Van Zon

“As an IT department, we have good product knowledge, but we can never keep up to date with every cybersecurity development. That is why we rely on specialised companies such as Netcure.” – Kris Vangeneugden, Horeca Van Zon


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