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When passwords fall short, multifactor authentication offers a solution.

Keep unwanted visitors out with multifactor authentication

Corporate networks have never been more vulnerable. Cyber criminals constantly use passwords to penetrate networks and steal data.

The solution? Multifactor authentication! Netcure uses WatchGuard’s Authpoint multifactor authentication (MFA) to prevent unwanted visitors from accessing your network.

Multifactor authentication made easy
WatchGuard’s Authpoint app enables Netcure to provide simple and user friendly MFA. Intuitive, cloud-based and mobile.

Verification can be performed in three ways:

  • Push based: you receive a request via the app on your mobile device and confirm with 1 simple click;
  • QR Code based: you scan a QR code that gives access to a code, which you enter to log in;
  • Time based: you receive a one-off code that you have to enter within a certain time to log in.

Do you want the best security for your devices and network?

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication acts as additional proof of identity over and above your username and password, i.e. you sign in in your usual way and then enter a second key to log in.