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Effective cybersecurity in 3 stages

Insights, actions and priorities for increased cybersecurity

Don’t be scared, be prepared! When it comes to cybersecurity, preparation is 90% of the bottom line.
With Netcure you can immediately rely on digital security tailored to the requirements of your business:

  1. Map your risks.
  2. Define your actions.
  3. Set your priorities.

Is your company proactive, resilient and in control?

Are you aware of the impact of data loss on your business and reputation? Are you aware of the potential cost of data theft?
  • Gain an insight into potential losses, be proactive when it comes to cybersecurity;
  • Be aware of what is running effectively and where improvements need to be made. Become resilient;
  • Choose your battles and stay in control.

Result? Increased awareness and support for improved cybersecurity.

Acco and Netcure: step by step approach to effective cybersecurity

Awareness training, infrastructure improvements and new technology. Acco, the Leuven based publishing/printing business and bookstore, was happy to leave it all in the capable hands of Netcure.

“Netcure’s experts are always accessible, adopting a step by step, proactive approach to providing top quality, customized security. It enables us to focus on our day to day activities without having to worry”

– IT Project Manager Jani Geysens explained.

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