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Your independent cybersecurity buddy

Netcure is a small-scale, independent expert in cybersecurity for large and medium-sized companies and SMEs. The team stands by the management, ICT employees and their external partners, as a buddy, to fight together against malicious practices on the Internet.

Cybersecurity: tips, check-up, damage control

First, they want to get a good look at your existing systems. Then Netcure’s experts will formulate solutions that fit your way of working and your budget.

In many cases small adjustments in the system or in the actions of your employees will already have a reinforcing effect. Sometimes companies need a complete check-up. And for those who are really worried after an attack, Netcure helps with damage control.

“Hey, IT guy, we get you”

As an SME partner on the market, we are agile, reliable and approachable. Our specialists are always on standby, so that in the event of a calamity, you immediately have a contact person to take up the fight together.

We understand IT, and we understand the context in which IT managers work. When systems work well, everyone thinks it is normal. But if there are any malfunctions, it needs to be fixed in record time. Only then colleagues fully appreciate the importance of your work.

That is why we want to install the right precautions, in cooperation with your trusted IT partner if applicable.

Your cybersecurity business partner

Netcure’s specialists are familiar with (critical) business processes and a good digital infrastructure organisation. This also makes us the ideal partner – shoulder-to-shoulder with company management when it comes to cybersecurity.