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Improve your digital resilience with 50% government support

Your Netcure cybersecurity improvement program with support from VLAIO

Digitization is not without challenges. Your business may also be targeted by cyber criminals.

Arm yourself against this risk with the Netcure cybersecurity improvement program and increase your digital resilience. VLAIO will subsidise up to 50% of the investment.

Digital resilience tailored to your SME

Having implemented this program, your infrastructure will be more secure and you and your employees will be able to:
  • correctly identify threats;
  • issue an effective response to cyber incidents;
  • experience the positive results;
  • make the impact measurable.

Result? Increased awareness and support for improved cybersecurity.

Van Zon, Netcure & VLAIO: focused on better cybersecurity

Hospitality wholesaler Van Zon also turned to Netcure for a cybersecurity improvement program with support from VLAIO. The company was looking for affordable and efficient improvements to its infrastructure and wanted to raise the level of security awareness.

IT Manager Kris Vangeneugden: “We wanted to increase the level of understanding and awareness and enhance our infrastructure. Netcure not only provides affordable expertise but is also an approachable and easily accessible partner.”

All about your improvement journey

Aiming for better cybersecurity and interested in an improvement program? The following list provides key information:

  • Phased approach: exploration, roadmap, basic start-up package.
  • Basic package: technical testing and a targeted action plan with guidance.
  • Lead time: minimum 23 days over 3 months – maximum 47 days over 12 months.
  • Your investment: €4,987.54 (START), €9,102.03 (MEDIUM), €14,580.64 (PLUS),
  • VLAIO subsidy: The same amount as your investment.
  • Extension: additional program with further improvement options.
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